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Taking a Personal "Week" at Lillooet Lake Lodge

With Covid-19 and 4 months of being inside the house with 2 teenage boys and a new(ish) partner, it was time for this introvert to get some "me" time! So, I grabbed my kayak and head up to one of my favourite spots in B.C. - Lillooet Lake Lodge!

Good Food and Wine!

No week away is complete without some great food, wine and the perfect setting to enjoy them in.

Reflection Time

The week prior to my trip a journal arrived at my door that I had ordered from kickstarter 3 months before. What perfect timing! I was ready to begin with my new mindset (who dis?) and to journal my thoughts. So many amazing things came to me while I was away, including discovering my birthdate number meaning (I turned 54 the week before) which I do every year but this year I did it up at the Lake. Interestingly enough the number 54 essence breaks down to "humanitarian with a sense of adventure"! That's me!

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