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Are you ready to make a SHIFT in your life?

So much beauty can be revealed when we are willing to look close and go deep.

If you are a woman who wants to learn more about how to change your mindset and live a happier, more peace-filled life, while at the same time improving your level of nutrition, and fitness, then this program is for you.

Get Close and Reveal Your Inner Beauty

No matter where you are at on your journey, there is always room to go deeper, to look closer, and reveal your inner beauty.   While initially this may feel uncomfortable, ultimately it provides opportunities for growth and leads to greater fulfillment, understanding, and the ability to show up in the world in a more positive way. 


"The whole purpose of learning should be to escape from limitations."

~A Course in Miracles

 During this 8 week course you will:

  • Go deeper with yourself including understanding your true Values, Beliefs and Purpose with weekly talks that take you through an 8 week process with NLP Master Practitioner Anita Voth 

  • Understand how to support your body with good nutrition with our biweekly nutrition expert Brenda Wollenberg

  • Learn fitness tips that you can use at home, at the gym or in a fitness class with biweekly talks with fitness expert Ayanna Gibb, owner of Inspire Women's Fitness

  • Find your WHY with guest speaker Georgee Low

  • Look in the mirror and be Empowered from the Inside Out.  Know your own worth with beauty expert DeeAnn Lensen

  • Give renewed purpose to your relationships

  • Have a positive money mindset 

  • Apply new strategies to move through life with grace and confidence with Jessica Coulthard

Invest in yourself and REGISTER NOW - space is limited!
(maximum 12 to 15 participants - women only)
Date:  TBA
Time:  6:00pm to 9:00pm
Location:  TBA
Your Investment:  $249/pp 
This program is being offered face to face and incorporates required social distancing protocols.  In the event that further measures need to be taken, it will be offered virtually. 
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Jessica Coulthard

Jessica will be sharing key strategies from the Human Needs Assessment to create change, including work, habits and relationships.  Understanding your personal North Star allows you to take control of your decisions and to understand why you and everyone else does what they do.

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Ayana Gibb

When it comes to fitness I believe that unless you are mentally ready to start your journey you will not have the results you are working for;  results can be many different things.

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Brenda Wollenberg

Nutrition can be complicated. At In Balance we make it simple. And doable. So you can be your best you!


That means discovering real food in a personalized fuel mix that increases energy, fosters mental clarity, balances moods and facilitates reaching and maintaining an appropriate-for-you body size.


Healthy shouldn't be hard; with In Balance's safe and sustainable wellness steps you'll soon be on your way!

Guest Speakers
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DeeAnn Lensen

Beyond the Mirror

There is a powerful new kind of women in the world who is able to see Beyond the Mirror and it’s you. You want to once and for all reach new levels of satisfaction and success and you realize that how you see yourself is creating your belief system of what is possible.

You can learn to turn necessary skin care into life changing self-care that catapults you into being able to finally reach your goals. What we see when we look in the mirror has more to do with conditioning than reality, usually more to do with fear and lack then it does resilience and power. It’s not your fault, women are programmed from a young age to judge themselves and then we are bombarded today with fear based marketing.

Beyond the Mirror women say, “I’ve got a voice and potential inside of me, and I’m not afraid to use my gifts.” ‘See’ you on the other side!

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Lynn Robinson

Change Your Mind, Change Your Life


When you want to make a change in your life, most people just look at what they want to start doing or stop doing. Few people look at how their thoughts impact their ability to make changes. This presentation will set you up to get the most our of this course and also give you some tools to implement what you learn so you can truly make the changes you want to make.

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Georgee Low

Most of us live our lives by accident. Hoping that one day we will find the path that leads us to the life we have dreamt about. Often feeling confused in our everyday life as to the decisions we should make that will take us to that life we really want. Knowing and articulating your WHY could change that.


When you know your Why, decisions – even the big ones – become easy.  If it aligns with your WHY, it’s a clear YES.  Otherwise, it’s no.  Easy peasy.

It is the one constant that will guide you toward fulfillment in your life.

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